Month: April 2014

Horse Party – ‘Inbetween’

Coming on like Fleetwood Mac covering dEUS via Fugazi and early Verve, Horse Party got together after a night spent drinking in a church. Ellie Langley, Seymour Quigley and Shannon Hope were united in a love of  Bjork, Savages, Daughter and terrible movies.

When the band’s first song ‘Clarion Call’, appeared on Soundcloud in January 2013 it received widespread airplay and scored the band plenty of bookings. Over the next year they played 50+ gigs with support slots including Tunng, Pinkunoizu, Shonen Knife, Heartless Bastards, Ghostpoet, The Nightingales, Vuvuvultures and Dingus Khan. Among all this, a particular highlight from their first year as a band was a live broadcast via BBC Introducing from the new John Peel Centre for Creative Arts. The band also collaborated with singer Jaq Gallier at a special Elliott Smith Tribute at London’s Brixton Windmill.

After further releases including the single ‘Back to Mono’ and a live EP ‘Scarlet & Blue’, the band signed to UK independent label Integrity (Million Dead, Valentiine) in October. The release of single ‘What Do You Need’ in November (played on air by Amazing Radio and John Kennedy at XFM), rounded off their busy 2013.

The band grew out of Bury St Edmunds’ thriving music scene. Bury was little more than a sleepy Suffolk town with a Tory constituency, until restrictions on live music were lifted in the 90s and bands such as Mansun started touring through the town. An exciting punk and DIY scene emerged with kids including Ellie, Seymour and Shannon picking up instruments and getting noticed by the nation. Not only did John Peel pronounce it ‘The New Seattle’, but the town came second in Rolling Stone’s culture capital of the year list 2002. Really.

The scene disintegrated for a few years but its second wave is coming with full force. Along with their own music Horse Party run a monthly club night called Washing Machine at The Hunter Club in Bury St Edmunds for new bands.  In a recent interview with Q Magazine [1] Seymour said: “we’re running three or four nights a month and I can’t keep up with the number of people wanting to play. We get 15 year- olds talking to us about Devo, Fugazi, Talking Heads and Melvins plus early 90s hip-hop, and referencing those bands in their music.”

The band are tireless supporters of other Suffolk musicians. They run their own label called Sturm Und Drang Recordings and a magazine, plus they also have a Riot Grrrl-inspired fanzine called ‘Shut The Fuck Up’ which they hand out free at gigs.

Horse Party are a band who have naturally tapped into music’s power to stir a stagnant mentality – as such their upcoming album is a harmony of raw, lo-fi expression and liberating rock-your-cares-away hooks. More than anything else though, Seymour describes Horse Party as “the most fun I’ve ever had with other humans”.

Horse Party play the following shows and festivals this summer:

Saturday 3rd May – Bury St Edmunds, Fringe Festival (The Hunter Club, Washing Machine stage)
Thursday 29th May – Ipswich, Pulse Fringe Festival (Wolsey Theatre)
Saturday 7th June – Cambridge, Strawberry Fair (Rebel Arts Stage)
Saturday 21st June – Ipswich, Suffolk Pride Parade (Main Stage)
Saturday 5th July – Diss, WoW Festival (Main Stage)
Sunday 13th July – Stowmarket, Gig in the Garden (Main Stage)
Friday 18th-Sunday 20th July (day tbc) – Southwold, Latitude Festival (Lake Stage)
Saturday 23rd August – Bury St Edmunds, Homegrown Festival (Main Stage)
Saturday 30th August – Norwich, Waterfront

Debut Album ‘Cover Your Eyes’ out May 12th on Integrity Records

ISLE OF WIGHT FESTIVAL: Do you want to play at The Isle Of Wight Festival?

Do you want to play at the Isle of Wight Festival this summer? The line-up for the Isle of Wight Festival this year includes Kings of Leon, Biffy Clyro and Red Hot Chilli Peppers! Would you like the chance to join them and perform at the Isle of Wight Festival?


Walkabout have teamed up with the Isle of Wight Festival and Future Music to run a Road to The Isle of Wight Festival Competition for musicians of all types to win a slot on this year’s Isle of Wight Festival which takes place on 12th-15th June. The Isle of Wight Festival competition is supported by Jack Daniels, so the winner will not only get a slot at the Isle of Wight Festival but they will also receive £500 expenses covered and lots of Jack Daniels goodies including limited edition Jack Daniels Guitars!


The Isle of Wight Festival competition runs nationally through May at every Walkabout venue, with the Grand Final taking place in London at Temple on Sunday 8th June to decide the winning act. Last year’s winning act FELLA came from Reading and performed on the Rising Stage.


For more information and to enter please email your name, number and closest Walkabout venue to You can find all the Walkabout venues here.


Find more information about the Isle of Wight Festival Competition here.



‘Going to Hell’ by The Pretty Reckless

Like it or not, Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless are back!

Going to Hell’ is the band’s second studio album where they prove they are here to stay. The title track kicks things off, Taylor’s raspy vocal fitting so well with powerful yet catchy rock guitar riffs. Then, ‘Heaven Knows’ is a song that screams Queen, defined by a bold rock sound which carries through the first half of album. ‘Absolution’ is another I couldn’t stop playing over and over again, a song that really works thanks to small details, in this case the haunting section between the verses and the chorus.

And then we get to the ballads. Some online reviewers have criticised what we can call the ‘second half’ of the album, where the band shifts gears slightly. Attempting to showcase the band’s diversity, these songs are here to show they are not only rockers but they can also slow thing down too. It definitely works in the first one, ‘House On The Hill’, but then the others don’t follow the same rhythm and fall slightly flat.

In summary then, this is a strong sophomore effort from a band in development, and while they should be admired for trying to do something different, they are definitely stronger when the pace and volume are high.

‘I Am Soldier’ EP by The Lowriders (from ‘I Am Soldier’ OST)

With the tracks written specifically for the new Noel Clark movie ‘I Am Soldier’, this new EP of the same name is the delightfully down to earth work of Essex band The Lowriders.

Picked by the film’s writer/director after he heard their debut album ‘Fury’, they specialise in distorted guitar chords, punchy vocals and a lot of reverb.

The EP is out now, and you can get a preview of what they’re all about here:

Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. & Sam Duckworth release Wrestling Mask ‘Starrcade EP’ fo Record Store Day

Continuing their trend for unique release formats (previous artists have released their music alongside wristwatches and even mountain bikes), Alcopop Records are celebrating Record Store Day with a limited edition Wrestling Mask EP combining songs from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly. and Sam Duckworth.

Only 200 of the masks will be available, each with a download code to the brand new music. And five of the masks will be signed by none other than Kurt Angle, Olympic gold medallist, WWE legend and TNA Hall of Famer! (If you’re not a wrestling fan, not much of this will make sense…)

For a taster of what to expect, check out the new tracks from Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly:


Catch Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly LIVE: 19/4/14 Truck Store, Oxford 24/4/14 – New Slang, Kingston (vs SD – the final smackdown) 02/5/14 – Le Pub, Newport

Catch Sam Duckworth LIVE: 24/4/14 – New Slang, Kingston (vs GCWCF – the final smackdown) 31/5/14 – Camden Rocks (Full band show) 11/7/14 – 2000 Trees Festival (Solo) 19/7/14 – Truck Festival (Full Band show)

McCarrons Interview

A three piece indie/rock band from Halifax, The McCarrons are a band on the up. Influenced by the greatest of Brit rock and indie, their debut album ‘Whatever Next’ is out now (order here), so we thought it would be a good time to get to know them.

The McCarrons:

Michael McCarron – Vocals/Guitar
Louis McCarron – Vocals/Bass
Andy Farrell – Vocals/Drums


Question: Two thirds of The McCarrons are brothers Michael and Louis McCarron, how long have the pair of you been playing together before third member Andy came along?

Michael: We’ve been playing since we were ten or eleven years old. We were playing pubs and clubs up until about two years ago when Andy came along and broadened our horizons.


And how did you meet Andy?

Louis: We knew his two older brothers who were in bands and we needed a drummer so we just got hold of him!


Most of our readers won’t be familiar with The McCarrons – how would you characterise your sound and influences?

Michael: We’ve based the sound pretty much on Brit Pop and classic British bands. The Beatles, Rolling Stones, The Who. We’re also big fans of the Mod scene, the likes of The Jam, The Specials, Ska. I would say we do take on every single style of music but these are the main ones.


And is that a common trait for bands in Halifax?

Michael: No I wouldn’t say so.

Andy: I think Halifax is quite a big town for music to be honest, so there’s all sorts up here. There are a lot of people coming out of Halifax who are indie musicians but there’s also heavy metal, scar. So there are all sorts here.

Louis: We get a lot of people at our gigs, so there are people who are into what we do, so hopefully we’re starting something.


‘Whatever Next’ is your debut album – how did it come about and how long has it been in gestation?

Michael: We started off playing covers but a lot of people told us to try writing our own stuff, and I always wanted to try it so that’s how it came about. So I’d say we started writing about two, three years ago. For the album we just started collecting songs together.

Louis: There are nine tracks on the album. There were originally ten, but one got dropped.


And why was that?

Louis: We weren’t happy with the sound to be honest.

Michael: It was sort of a last minute job so we weren’t happy with the recording or the sound, so we thought we’d save the song for maybe an EP later on or it could go on the second album.


The album is produced by Pete Maher (U2, Beady Eye, The Killers) – how did that introduction come about?

Michael: We’d recorded the album, and we wanted that professional sound, so we researched on the internet and came across Pete Maher. We thought that, if we wanted to sound professional, then we’d like to work with someone who’s produced the likes of U2, Beady Eye, Nicole Scherzinger, all the top dogs.

Louis: If you want the best you have to work with the best really, so that’s what we tried to do.

Michael: A lot has been put into the production side of the album, and 50% of it has been produced by ourselves too so it’s the sound we want. We also worked with a producer called John O’Halloran, a DJ who’s had some hits in the charts.


Just going back to the music scene in Halifax, where would you say are the top live venues in Halifax?

Andy: I would say The Last Drop. But you’ve also got Hebdon Bridge which is just outside Halifax which is a good place for musicians as well.


Finally, where are the best places to find you online?

You can find us at and search for us on Facebook and Soundcloud as well.

Rare master class with the UK’s most sought after Music Engineer.

The Cream Room studios are holding a one off master class this April with one of the UK’s most sought after music engineers Wes Maebe.


Wes Maebe, known for his work with artists like Ellie Goulding, New Model Army, Alexandra Burke and Melanie C is coming to The Cream Room for a special three day master class. Wes has also mixed live sound for Chaka Khan, Robert Plant and Sting making him one of the biggest freelance music engineers at the moment.


Three master classes have been scheduled at the Cream Room, offering artists the chance to spend the day with Wes and the Cream Room team, honing their writing, recording and performance skills. Subjects covered will include: recording and mixing techniques; preparing yourself for the studio; micing up; achieving the optimum recorded sound; and techniques to get the best out of your mixes. Participants will leave equipped with the knowledge to help them make the most of studio time.

The three sessions are as follows.

  • SESSION 3 – THE MIXING MASTERCLASS (16th April 2014)

Sessions can be booked individually – or take the Season Ticket Option to attend all 3 sessions.  To book your place, click below or contact Martin on 01920 43892601920 438926.


Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to meet and work with such a talent.


For more information visit The Cream Room website here: