‘Going to Hell’ by The Pretty Reckless

Like it or not, Taylor Momsen and The Pretty Reckless are back!

Going to Hell’ is the band’s second studio album where they prove they are here to stay. The title track kicks things off, Taylor’s raspy vocal fitting so well with powerful yet catchy rock guitar riffs. Then, ‘Heaven Knows’ is a song that screams Queen, defined by a bold rock sound which carries through the first half of album. ‘Absolution’ is another I couldn’t stop playing over and over again, a song that really works thanks to small details, in this case the haunting section between the verses and the chorus.

And then we get to the ballads. Some online reviewers have criticised what we can call the ‘second half’ of the album, where the band shifts gears slightly. Attempting to showcase the band’s diversity, these songs are here to show they are not only rockers but they can also slow thing down too. It definitely works in the first one, ‘House On The Hill’, but then the others don’t follow the same rhythm and fall slightly flat.

In summary then, this is a strong sophomore effort from a band in development, and while they should be admired for trying to do something different, they are definitely stronger when the pace and volume are high.

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