Month: October 2014

Jess Thristan ‘Little Bird’ single release accompanied by new video

Having featured her ‘Little Bird’ acoustic session a couple of weeks ago, the time has come to let you know the excellent single is available now. And as an added bonus, you can hear the fully rendered radio edit on the video above.

Adding layers to the acoustic tune to make it less country and more gospel than you might have expected, this is another very strong offering from the north of the UK. A songwriter with a long career ahead of her if the cards fall in the right way.

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Josh Healey – songwriter is ready for new EP release ‘Lost, Found & Lost Again’

Five tracks of very solid singer-songwriting, the new EP from Josh Healey is out next Monday and a very pleasant way to spend 15 minutes of your time. The blend of acoustic guitar and vocal is a timeless one, and Healey uses it very well indeed, strumming and plucking his way to five consistently good, all different sounding songs which you can hear above.

It’s an EP full of lovely touches, like the fact that the third song ‘Prelude’ is in fact just that, a prelude that moves seamlessly into the excellent, complex finger picking of ‘City of Saints’. Another thing that ties it all together is the obvious thought that’s gone into the lyrics. Check out the track ‘People Like You’ for perhaps the best example.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order this little musical treat right now, to arrive automatically next Monday (a bit like a U2 album arriving in your iTunes, but this time it’s something you’ve asked for):

Sunderland songwriter looking forward to next round of National singing contest

Based in Sunderland and following a career in his family business, Riez Purba has come from nowhere to be one of the leading contenders in the Regional Finals of Future Music’s national Open Mic UK contest.

The singer, who only began pursue a talent he had previously been keeping under wraps when his parents overheard him singing, if hoping to impress the judges of the ever growing competition. Open Mic UK and Future Music have previously been involved with launching the careers of Birdy, Jahmene Douglas and Lucy Spraggan, and Riez is hoping to be next in line.

His performances in the next round will allow him to showcase his talent to some top industry judges, and hopes that his use of his own material will help set him apart from other contenders singing cover versions. One of his tracks is below, and if you like what you hear you can see him live at the showcase, which takes place Sunday 19th October at The Mill Volvo Tyne Theatre, Westgate Road, Newcastle – we will be wishing him luck.

Excellent new single from Jess Thristan – ‘Little Bird’

Not to be confused with the Ed Sheeran album track (although it is just as good), ‘Little Bird’ is the new single from 19 year old female singer-songwriter Jess Thristan. Above is a lounge/acoustic version recorded with On t’Sofa sessions to promote the full single, which will be out on October 20th, and if this performance is anything to go by then the single will be well worth checking out.

With an approach to songwriting that’s already maturing nicely, Thristan combines lyrical themes and thoughtful wordplay with an accessible country-pop sound to get her music across. The stories and themes within the lyrics speak from themselves if you pay attention to what she’s trying to say, and they’re delivered with such a melting vocal that you’ll be happy to listen over again if you can’t quite pick it up the first time.

But if dissecting a song for its poetry isn’t your thing and you’d rather listen to the full sound of a song, this one won’t disappoint you either. With just vocal, guitar, cajon and some nice harmonies, this performance is genuinely beautiful to listen to.