Josh Healey – songwriter is ready for new EP release ‘Lost, Found & Lost Again’

Five tracks of very solid singer-songwriting, the new EP from Josh Healey is out next Monday and a very pleasant way to spend 15 minutes of your time. The blend of acoustic guitar and vocal is a timeless one, and Healey uses it very well indeed, strumming and plucking his way to five consistently good, all different sounding songs which you can hear above.

It’s an EP full of lovely touches, like the fact that the third song ‘Prelude’ is in fact just that, a prelude that moves seamlessly into the excellent, complex finger picking of ‘City of Saints’. Another thing that ties it all together is the obvious thought that’s gone into the lyrics. Check out the track ‘People Like You’ for perhaps the best example.

If you like what you hear, you can pre-order this little musical treat right now, to arrive automatically next Monday (a bit like a U2 album arriving in your iTunes, but this time it’s something you’ve asked for):

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