‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ LP is finally here from Nuborg

By our reckoning it’s taken far too long for Nuborg’s debut album to finally be released. After having us all licking our lips with anticipation with a string of great singles last year, an album (featuring said singles) was promised, only to fade into the ether. Of course these things happen in the independent music industry – schedules change, things get in the way – but we were so looking forward to the album that it almost made us cry into our cornflakes when we heard we would have to wait until this year.

BUT NOW….the album is out! And it’s as brilliant as we expected.

If you’re a follower of independent music (and if you’re reading this, you must be), we can promise you that Nuborg will be one of best early albums of 2015. There will be others with more hype and fanfare, but none with the ethereal, ambient quality we’ve come to expect from this Norwegian songstress. If you think we’re being over the top, check out the excellent, mind-bending title track (and then buy the album below).

Buy the album here (better late than never!)

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