Mollie Marriott – new artist precedes Spring album with single ‘Transformer’

A passionate video with a tense domestic drama – is there any other way to put a video to a classically structured pop ballad like ‘Transformer’?

The track is one of the first singles from Mollie Marriott, who can’t exactly be described as ‘up and coming’ seeing as she’s been around the industry for a long time. Having made a living for some time as a backing singer for many a star, Mollie Marriott is one ‘new’ artist who knows how the whole thing works.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy to break through, but it won’t hurt. Nor will it hurt that she clearly has a powerful, classy voice and can write excellent songs. With the full album on the way in the Spring, ‘Transformer’ is a more than capable teaser until we can hear more.

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