Album review – The Lowriders self-titled album

Having enjoyed 2014 thanks to an EP release tied in with a legit movie release in ‘I Am Soldier’ – for which they wrote the soundtrack, The Lowriders are presumably entering 2015 on the crest of a wave. They’re also entering with a brand new album, 10 tracks of good, old fashioned rock that hits home very nicely indeed.

Whether partaking in the gentle flow of tracks like ‘Don’t Drink the Poison’, which is a pared back number which calls to mind early Radiohead and perhaps even a touch of Muse, or the balls out likes of ‘Feed and Fortune’ complete with lovely blues touches – this is a band with inspiration coming out of their ears.

The former (‘Don’t Drink The Poison’) is also indicative of a band who are clearly full of good ideas – with switches from major to minor keys and overlapping vocals that really play with the listener. In fact, that’s something the whole album has going for it – there’s so much going on throughout (and we don’t mean just pure volume) that you can’t help but listen closely.

Check out their website –

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