‘It Is What It Is’, and it’s the new album from Songs For Mr Sloane

Who remembers the days when music was fun and pop didn’t take itself so seriously? We certainly do, and so do Songs For Mr Sloane by the sound of it. A group of various musicians fronted by Guy Snook (Bass) and Peter Dale (vox, keys, guitar), the group are veterans of the scene and use all their nouse to create their very own brand of irreverent pop.

Their latest album, ‘It Is What It Is’ takes in straight up vocal pop, blues, funk, storytelling, and everything in between. This is a band not constrained by genre or a huge record label telling them what to do. This is simply music made the way the band like it.

Highlights include the raw, syncopated fun of ‘Oh Doctor X’, the driving pop-rock of ‘She Blows Me Away’, and the nifty title track ‘It Is What It Is’ (click to listen).

It’s all deceptively simple really – songs built from many layers that add up to more than the sum of their parts, and good musicians having fun. Nice.

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