Chris Hornsby EP – ‘Human, Too Human’ out May 22nd

A singer-songwriter who plays a startling array of instruments, Chris Hornsby’s new EP ‘Human, Too Human’ is out on May 22nd and once again shows the work of an artist on the rise. Self-produced and performed, the EP sees Hornsby play no less than 15 instruments across the five tracks.

Incredibly though, his versatility isn’t what draws you in to Chris Hornsby’s songs – impressive as it is. Instead, it’s the fact that each one has its own story to tell, realistic tales and thoughts which will be relatable to most if not all the listeners.

The best folk music, and the reason the genre has lived for so long in such rude health, is folk music that has something to say. And whether Chris Hornsby has just an acoustic guitar, or is surrounded by a hundred instruments, the result is the same – folk music with substance.


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