Jerry Lawson – ‘Just A Mortal Man’ (new album)

Having started singing at the age of just 5 in his church choir, it was always obvious that Jerry Lawson had the potential to make a living from singing. In many cases, potential isn’t enough, and talented people don’t get the breaks or work hard enough if they do. In Lawson’s case however, he turned that potential into a career spanning decades, singing alongside some of the greatest in history.

Incredibly though, having made his name as part of vocal groups such as The Persuasions, this is his first ever solo LP. At age 71, Jerry Lawson is stepping out on his own fro the first time, and proving he still has a few new tricks up his sleeve.

His voice remains soulful and note perfect, imbuing each song with genuine depth of feeling. A great indicator as to the tone of the album can be found at the beginning of the track ‘Wine’, where he introduces the song and pays tribute to its writer as the first strains of music break out. It evokes the image of a dark piano bar, late nights, whisky and warmth. A debut album to be very proud of.

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