Carmel – double A side single out now – hazy pop and blues combo

Perhaps not as much of a ‘Golden Newbie’ as most of the artists we feature here, Carmel is an artist whose career in pop stretches all the way back to the 80s. With several hits to her credit, she was a household name at the time and is still well known enough to be garnering national notices for her new double A side single.

Her first release since the 90s, the combination of ‘Sad Situation’ and ‘Second Wife Blues’ represent something different from Carmel from the pure pop she made her name with. Whether you would term it a departure, or even a reinvention given her time away from the industry, the bottom line is this is a different animal.

Thoughtful and decidedly retro in places, the production seems a deliberate throwback to the days before the stale, sterilised production practices of contemporary pop. These tracks have real verve and edge to them, in spite of a lack of pace.

The single is available now:




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