Barcelona songwriter Weinf bares soul for new album

When Spanish songwriter Weinf was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, the news naturally hit him hard. Having only recently released his first EP ‘Demo’, he was yet to make any concrete plans for a follow up and it seemed that music would have to wait. However, two days after his diagnosis, he picked up a guitar and started to write.

Song after song flowed out, a string of introspective tunes dealing with his reaction to the life changing news. Those songs have now formed the basis for a new album – titled ‘Requiem for Myself’.

In the wrong hands, this could have led to a lot of self-indulgent wailing. However, Weinf’s raw, guitar based songwriting somehow demonstrates the seriousness of the situation without drowning in mawkishness.

The album is out now, and you’ll be pleased to know its release coincides with an ‘all clear’ from the doctors.

You can get ‘Requiem for Myself’ on Bandcamp.

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