Month: November 2015

Natalie Indya West and Sunny Andrea release ‘Goddess’ single

Teaming up for the first time, writer/producer Natalie Indya West and vocalist Sunny Andrea have released single ‘Goddess’. Consisting of influences from both East and West, the track takes the finest traditions of Indian music and Bollywood and gives them a western R&B makeover.

The result is this catchy, well produced single. The meditative melodies loop throughout, finding their mark thanks to some excellently structured writing and production from production team at The Next Room (Snoop Dogg, Kimberly Wyatt, East 17 plus many more).

It’s a testament to the strong work of all involved that two such different styles blend so well here. Let’s hope there are further collaborations in the future as it would be interesting to see where else the pair can take their mix of ideas.

The Rebel Scientist releases impressive debut EP

If you’re looking for a new songwriter with a solid, debut, pop styled EP then The Rebel Scientist might just be what you’re looking for. A well established session guitarist by trade, his new release ‘Never Stop Waiting for You’ is out now via all the usual digital outlets.

It’s been said many times that to become an expert in something, you have to put over 10,000 hours into it. If that’s the case, then the Rebel Scientist can certainly claim to have a mastery of music. Playing from 200-250 gigs per year, he has also written guitar tuition books and performed on national TV, radio and in some of the top global venues.

All that experience is put into this short, sharp explosion of colourful pop songwriting. Leaving the vocal duties to four top class singers, The Rebel Scientist is left free simply to write the songs. And with such a depth of experience and incredible work ethic it’s no surprise that this EP is as strong as it is.

You can hear for yourself now, just visit iTunes or Spotify. We predict that many of those will do will find a new artist to follow.

Helen Perris – ‘Mirrors & Windows’ – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO

A singer-songwriter from Australia, Helen Perris is a talented multi-instrumentalist who recently released brand new single ‘Mirrors & Windows’.

Taking a sideways glance at the silly things people do in life, while also pointing out that we don’t have to be alone in dark times, the song comes with a strong message. It helps that the message comes attached to a fun, piano driven sound which whets the appetite nicely for her upcoming album.

Also, be sure to watch the video to the end.

New single from Jess Thristan – Beatles cover ‘From Me To You’

Following on her upbeat, folky ‘Live on Love’ EP, Jess Thristan returns with a more introspective turn with her new single. The track, which is a simplified piano version of The Beatles classic ‘From Me To You’ is released on November 27th and is designed to lay the table for an album release early in 2016.

Fans of good, pop vocalists, and well as those who enjoy a touch of acoustic folk, should keep Thristan on their radar. With two previous EP’s already out there, there’s still time to get on board before the album hits.

Check out Thristan’s website for all the news.

Souleye offers a new style of hip hop on new album

A hip hop artist who is not cut from the same cloth as many of his contemporaries, Souleye is a rapper with a different approach. In his own words he’s:

“always wanted to create a record that has an underground hip hop feel, but yet still has a little sparkle of electronic and mainstream. I feel that Shapeshifting has those elements… positive lyrics, conscious messages, and straight up hip hop beats with some surprise electronic style blends.”

With new album ‘Shapeshifting’ he does a great job of straddling genres and styles. It’s by turns grimy, dirty, dark, light, clean and electronic – each moment offering a different experience from the last as he cycles through the eleven tracks on offer.

By blending his ‘positive lyrics’ with the hip hop genre, he has created something of a subversion from the norm. This isn’t a rapper looking for glory or glamour. This is simply a writer who has found his voice in a certain genre.

C’nky Siwela video out now, ‘My Name In The Echo’

Having previously worked in the pop genre, with perhaps just a touch of electronica in there, existing fans of South African singer C’nky Siwela may be surprised by new single ‘My Name in the Echo’. A full on house/EDM track, it’s a slight departure for him, and perhaps an indicator as to the style of his upcoming second album (out early next year).

If he does go in this direction it will be a bitter sweet move perhaps, as his vocal is fantastic and would have to be carefully managed not to get lost in the layering and production of full on electronic music. On the upside, this kind of music is currently dominating the charts, and by following the trends he shows he’s got his finger on the pulse.

Taken on its own merits, this song is thumping fun. It’s out now on iTunes.

Folkstock Records compilation LP – ‘Downtown’ – set to promote Emerging Artists gigs

One of the top folk labels in the country, Folkstock Records are a label on the up and ready for perhaps the biggest month in their history. Their new release ‘Downtown’ is a limited edition compilation, specially commissioned as a unique celebration of the talented artists representing Folkstock at the London Folk and Roots Festival this year.

The festival will see two gigs curated by Folkstock, featuring a total of eight artists. Each artist has their own moment to shine on the compilation album, and will also take to the stage as part of the festival.

November 4th will see a more alternative country element, as Fred’s House, Marina Florance, Kaity Rae and Ben Smith star. One week later, on November 11th, an all female line-up will dazzle, with Kelly Oliver, Minnie Birch, Daria Kulesh and Zoe Wren.

For tickets, information and everything else, head over to the Folkstock website to support this excellent upstart making an impact.