Folkstock Records compilation LP – ‘Downtown’ – set to promote Emerging Artists gigs

One of the top folk labels in the country, Folkstock Records are a label on the up and ready for perhaps the biggest month in their history. Their new release ‘Downtown’ is a limited edition compilation, specially commissioned as a unique celebration of the talented artists representing Folkstock at the London Folk and Roots Festival this year.

The festival will see two gigs curated by Folkstock, featuring a total of eight artists. Each artist has their own moment to shine on the compilation album, and will also take to the stage as part of the festival.

November 4th will see a more alternative country element, as Fred’s House, Marina Florance, Kaity Rae and Ben Smith star. One week later, on November 11th, an all female line-up will dazzle, with Kelly Oliver, Minnie Birch, Daria Kulesh and Zoe Wren.

For tickets, information and everything else, head over to the Folkstock website to support this excellent upstart making an impact.

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