Norfolk’s Organisms impress with ‘Games Non People Play’ single

Organisms are a group who are new to the wider world but already picking up a head of steam in their native Norfolk. Slots on BBC Introducing and at high profile venues in the area have come as a result of their reputation for classy and unusual indie style songs.

A prime example is single ‘Games Non-People Play’. Opening with a slick funk sound, the song spirals out into an expansive, hypnotic treat. Those who fall victim to nightmares may also want to limit how much they watch the creepy, intense video.

The single will also be found on an upcoming album, titled ‘Mollusk’. It will be released in July, and with tracks like this on the playlist it should be one to look forward to.

Independent songwriter George Montague shines on new pop single and album

If you’re a follower of BBC introducing, or you keep a solid ear to the ground for genuinely talented up and coming live artists, then you may have already heard of George Montague. If not, then you’re about to hear about him in a big way.

With millions of YouTube views already under his belt, as well as a live reputation which is seeing more and more people pushing for gig tickets, his multi-instrumental shows are highlighted by a creative streak a mile wide, full of loops, electronic touches and excellent musicianship.

Fortunately, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of catching him live, he’s released new single ‘Lost’ (above) in the lead up to his highly anticipated new album ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’. Coming this summer, the album offers even more fun than the single above, with some off-kilter ideas which even bring to mind the likes of Mika and Scissor Sisters. However, if those aren’t your cup of tea, don’t let that put you off – he’s just as adept with more straightforward fare.

You can pre-order the album now from iTunes and Amazon.

Ricky on Guitar, ‘Chapter II’ EP out Sept 28th

With a fantastic background in the industry already, guitarist Ricky Sharma (aka Ricky on Guitar) has cut out a very nice groove for himself working behind the scenes in music. His career has seen him take to the stage at festivals like Glastonbury, as well as top London venues like the Hammersmith Apollo. Not to mention performing at the London 2012 Olympics.

However, one aspect of the business he hasn’t explored to his full potential as yet is as a solo artist – something that could be set to change with new EP ‘Chapter II’ on the way later this month.

You can pre-order it on iTunes now, and it comes recommended by a number of top online sources. The track above, a previously released hip hop sequel, features, as does a slice of pop music, even some classical guitar. It’s an odd mix, but one that seems to work.

RickyOnGuitar chapter 2 profile pic

For more, head over to

MetaQuorum dazzle on debut album ‘Midnight Sun’

Ten tracks of dazzling jazz/rock/electronic fusion, the new album from North East duo MetaQuorum is something to behold. Constantly inventive, surprising and high in quality, this is an instrumental album dripping with class.

Clearly created by music lovers who have translated their craft into excellent songwriting skills, these ten tracks show exactly what can be done when imagination takes precedence over trite lyrics. Unfortunately, for that very reason, you get the feeling this this album will remain undiscovered to many.

However, if you’re a regular reader then you’ll certainly be on the hunt for good new music – this is something a little different from the norm, but all the better for it.

‘It Is What It Is’, and it’s the new album from Songs For Mr Sloane

Who remembers the days when music was fun and pop didn’t take itself so seriously? We certainly do, and so do Songs For Mr Sloane by the sound of it. A group of various musicians fronted by Guy Snook (Bass) and Peter Dale (vox, keys, guitar), the group are veterans of the scene and use all their nouse to create their very own brand of irreverent pop.

Their latest album, ‘It Is What It Is’ takes in straight up vocal pop, blues, funk, storytelling, and everything in between. This is a band not constrained by genre or a huge record label telling them what to do. This is simply music made the way the band like it.

Highlights include the raw, syncopated fun of ‘Oh Doctor X’, the driving pop-rock of ‘She Blows Me Away’, and the nifty title track ‘It Is What It Is’ (click to listen).

It’s all deceptively simple really – songs built from many layers that add up to more than the sum of their parts, and good musicians having fun. Nice.

Album review – The Lowriders self-titled album

Having enjoyed 2014 thanks to an EP release tied in with a legit movie release in ‘I Am Soldier’ – for which they wrote the soundtrack, The Lowriders are presumably entering 2015 on the crest of a wave. They’re also entering with a brand new album, 10 tracks of good, old fashioned rock that hits home very nicely indeed.

Whether partaking in the gentle flow of tracks like ‘Don’t Drink the Poison’, which is a pared back number which calls to mind early Radiohead and perhaps even a touch of Muse, or the balls out likes of ‘Feed and Fortune’ complete with lovely blues touches – this is a band with inspiration coming out of their ears.

The former (‘Don’t Drink The Poison’) is also indicative of a band who are clearly full of good ideas – with switches from major to minor keys and overlapping vocals that really play with the listener. In fact, that’s something the whole album has going for it – there’s so much going on throughout (and we don’t mean just pure volume) that you can’t help but listen closely.

Check out their website –

‘Sliding Off The Edge of the World’ LP is finally here from Nuborg

By our reckoning it’s taken far too long for Nuborg’s debut album to finally be released. After having us all licking our lips with anticipation with a string of great singles last year, an album (featuring said singles) was promised, only to fade into the ether. Of course these things happen in the independent music industry – schedules change, things get in the way – but we were so looking forward to the album that it almost made us cry into our cornflakes when we heard we would have to wait until this year.

BUT NOW….the album is out! And it’s as brilliant as we expected.

If you’re a follower of independent music (and if you’re reading this, you must be), we can promise you that Nuborg will be one of best early albums of 2015. There will be others with more hype and fanfare, but none with the ethereal, ambient quality we’ve come to expect from this Norwegian songstress. If you think we’re being over the top, check out the excellent, mind-bending title track (and then buy the album below).

Buy the album here (better late than never!)

Spirals ready for debut mixtape

A singer songwriter with a taste for the unusual, Spirals is an artist who is looking to come back into the music scene with a bang. Having taken some enforced time out due to ill health, Spirals (aka Joh Aziz) is making up for lost time with his debut, self-titled mixtape which is on the way by the end of this year.

Though the release date is yet to be finally confirmed, Spirals has started leaking the odd track here and there, such as the one above. If you like what you hear you can hear more at and make sure you follow him on Facebook and Twitter so you don’t miss the release date.

Don’t get too used to his psychrock stylings though – his next album is going to be acoustic folk!

Lizzie Jane releases new single ‘I Don’t Think So’ – September 5th

Making waves in and out of Manchester, Lizzie Jane is set to break away from the norm with her latest single.

Following up from her debut EP ‘Monster’ Lizzie is saying exactly what she thinks with her new single ‘I Don’t Think So’. Mixing the qualities of classic British female pop with her rebellious attitude, Lizzie sings about today’s pop culture and how she doesn’t want to follow the crowd.

There are two versions of the song available. A version that is acceptable for daytime radio and a slightly more risky version for those that can handle it!

Lizzie’s usual stripped back acoustic sound has been beefed up with a classy arrangement and clever production and it makes for a catchy tune filled with intelligent and cheeky lyrics.

If the version above is too NSFW for you…here’s the radio edit.

There is also a launch party at Sound Control in Manchester on the 5th of September tickets are £5 and available here:

Facebook –
Twitter –
YouTube –
Website –
Sound Cloud –

Your Baby – Jinnwoo

Your Baby is the digital single taken from Jinnwoo’s 4-track debut Your Baby EPBoth released: 16th June

“Full of emotion and a stripped back grace that feels completely alien to everything else around at the moment.” – Subba Cultcha 

Jinnwoo has been slowly leaking his haunting folk songs online, beginning with Solo Man featuring harmonies from Alasdair Roberts and production from Gerry Diver, followed by Sorrysong featuring Caroline Weeks with Weikie on production and more recently the track You Should Be Feeling This Elliot, with Kyla La Grange on vocals and Noah Georgeson on production. All three tracks are taken from Jinnwoo’s forthcoming debut Your Baby EP.  

Now Jinnwoo is releasing the final  – and title –  track from his debut Your Baby EP. The track is produced by Young Montana? and can be streamed and shared via Soundcloud now, while the spooky, gothic video can now be viewed  and shared via YouTube.

Jinnwoo also guests on Kyla La Grange’s new single Never That Young which was released online earlier this week to massive acclaim. 

1. Your Baby (prod. Young Montana?)
2. Solo Man (prod. Gerry Diver, additional vocals Alasdair Roberts)
3. You Should Be Feeling This Elliott (prod. Noah Georgeson, additional vocals Kyla La Grange)
4. Sorrysong (prod. Weikie, additional vocals Caroline Weeks) 

Jinnwoo has supported Kyla La Grange, Alt-J and Ghost Poet among others. He recently played a set at The Alternative Escape, Brighton and a Nest Collective gig in London. Catch him live at the following forthcoming shows: 


26th June: Hoxton Underbelly, London
26th-27th July: Simon Says Festival, Leicester