Hip hop

‘Clocks’ EP out now – Ellie Jane

A very welcome addition to the UK independent music scene, Ellie Jane is a female singer-songwriter who writes excellent pop music with a twist. Heavily influenced by hip-hop and rap, her new EP ‘Clocks’ is out now (here) and does an excellent job of demonstrating just why her sound is so fresh.

The lead single might be a bit more straightforward in terms of pop, but rest assured there’s plenty more on the EP. There’s a reason why she made it to the 2015 final of the national UK Open Mic competition, and before long Ellie Jane could become a name on mainstream lips.

Souleye offers a new style of hip hop on new album

A hip hop artist who is not cut from the same cloth as many of his contemporaries, Souleye is a rapper with a different approach. In his own words he’s:

“always wanted to create a record that has an underground hip hop feel, but yet still has a little sparkle of electronic and mainstream. I feel that Shapeshifting has those elements… positive lyrics, conscious messages, and straight up hip hop beats with some surprise electronic style blends.”

With new album ‘Shapeshifting’ he does a great job of straddling genres and styles. It’s by turns grimy, dirty, dark, light, clean and electronic – each moment offering a different experience from the last as he cycles through the eleven tracks on offer.

By blending his ‘positive lyrics’ with the hip hop genre, he has created something of a subversion from the norm. This isn’t a rapper looking for glory or glamour. This is simply a writer who has found his voice in a certain genre.