New UK indie-pop: Colour Colour EP ‘Do Something Beautiful’ out April 10th, single out now

‘Do Something Beautiful’ is one of those unmistakeable British rock tracks. Complete with anthemic, singalong chorus, flowing guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section to back it up, it has elements of rock back as far as the 70s right the way up to the present day. Whether it’s the classic chord progression, or the jangling guitars, or the excellent vocal, it all ties together lovely.

The track comes from a trio of musicians who have come together from separate bands to form a new group called Colour Colour. It’s clear from this song that something is working, and more proof may come this week in the shape of their new EP – also called ‘Do Something Beautiful’. is the place to be for all things Colour Colour.

Blues-rock given new sheen by songwriter Joe Rhinewine – new track and EP out now

An eclectic singer-songwriter who is inspired by everything from blues to post-rock, Joe Rhinewine is currently celebrating the release of his debut EP ‘Songs from NowHere’. Heavily influenced by the unspooling creative styles of Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Frank Zappa, Velvet Underground and more, Rhinewine delights in placing this approach into his own blues-rock sphere.

The results are compelling, with improvised lead track ‘In the Box (Put It)’ making a good example. This isn’t music from the middle of the road. This music has never seen the road. Instead it’s rambling, off course, and all the more fun for it. The EP is out now on Amazon.

Strangers Know More – ‘Shoot the Witness’ stream out now

A band with an obvious love for big genre music of the 80s, Strangers Know More are a three piece of experienced musicians who have been playing in various bands and guises since the 70s. Now, Sam Burnett, Chris Ames and Stuart Mizon bring their biggest influences together under the banner of Strangers Know More – a high velocity punk/rock/new wave mixture with some impressive song writing chops.

Their latest release is the track above, ‘Shoot the Witness’. Taken from a recent album, it has been made available to stream to remind fans what this group are all about. There are live shows coming up, and new material too, which is why it’s a good time to get new ears open in their direction.

‘Something Better’ comes along from Tablefox

Following the success of debut album ‘Objects’ in their native New Zealand, indie band Tablefox are setting their targets higher in 2016. The excellent feedback they got from the album in their home country has given them the confidence they need to start afresh in 2016 with a new, global release of the album.

It’s easy to see why those who heard it in New Zealand quickly realised that Tablefox had something very good on their hands. Available now on Bandcamp, the album combines driven indie sounds with genuinely emotional lyrics throughout. The lyrics are perhaps due to the fact that many of the band members suffered personal losses during the writing. And while those circumstances were obviously painful in the bigger picture, they have given this album a power that’s hard to capture.

Magazine Gap ready for new album with new single ‘What’s That Sound?’

Magazine Gap are a three piece group from London who are gearing up for a very promising album blending ideas from the world of rock, pop, funk, soul and urban genres. The latest single from that album, ‘What’s That About?’, is now out there in video form, and does a great job of whipping up excitement for the full length release.


Sure footed from the start, the track immediately brings to mind the likes of Maroon 5 – not least due to a slight vocal familiarity as well as a reliance on a clean, repeating bass line. In truth, the UK has never really had an answer to Adam Levigne and his hugely successful pop group – maybe it’s about time we did.

New single from Jeremy out now – ‘Two Weeks to the Great Escape’

In recent times, there seems to have been a real shortage of strong rock bands coming out of Europe. Jeremy? are a Bulgarian four piece looking to change that. Although their country isn’t high on the list of places you might expect to hear great rock, Jeremy? have defied expectation with new single ‘Two Weeks to the Great Escape’.

Darkly entertaining and sweepingly epic at the same time, the track thrives on strong rhythms and a kind of smooth energy. Although it is on the surface a rock track, it’s not spiky and loud but instead thoughtful and sleek. Time will tell whether this thoughtful rock sound is the chosen target of Jeremy? in the long term, but in the meantime, ‘Two Weeks To The Great Escape’ is out now and is a very nice introduction indeed.

The Late Yetis single ‘Blood Driven’ out now, EP coming soon

Blending the accessible alternative rock styles of Blink 182 and Incubus with the harder nosed sounds of Slipknot, The Late Yetis are something of a band out of time. Their sound would have been right at home in the rock boom of the early 2000s, but in this day and age sounds out of place amongst the packaged indie rock of today.


However, this throwback sound is exactly what sets them apart. There is a reason why musical styles tend to go in cycles, and the Late Yetis typify that in their own way. The reason why the bands above ell away from the mainstream again is that there were so many of them. But I think it’s fair to say that The Late Yetis are now one of very few bands on the scene attempting anything like this.

New singles from Kelly Moneymaker – ‘Home For The Holidays’ & ‘Jingle Bells’

As you may have guessed from the names of the songs, the two new singles from Kelly Moneymaker have a distinctly festive flavour to them.

For the uninitiated, Kelly Moneymaker is a soul artist from the US with a monster of a voice, and it’s put to good use in her two new singles. First is ‘Home For The Holidays’ – and original song penned by Moneymaker and a timely reminder of what the Christmas season is really about (ie. family and memories, as opposed to opening presents and getting new stuff).

Second, the evergreen ‘Jingle Bells’ gets a jazzy makeover.

Both songs are great fun, a little extra Christmas treat for 2015. Enjoy.

Barcelona songwriter Weinf bares soul for new album

When Spanish songwriter Weinf was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, the news naturally hit him hard. Having only recently released his first EP ‘Demo’, he was yet to make any concrete plans for a follow up and it seemed that music would have to wait. However, two days after his diagnosis, he picked up a guitar and started to write.

Song after song flowed out, a string of introspective tunes dealing with his reaction to the life changing news. Those songs have now formed the basis for a new album – titled ‘Requiem for Myself’.

In the wrong hands, this could have led to a lot of self-indulgent wailing. However, Weinf’s raw, guitar based songwriting somehow demonstrates the seriousness of the situation without drowning in mawkishness.

The album is out now, and you’ll be pleased to know its release coincides with an ‘all clear’ from the doctors.

You can get ‘Requiem for Myself’ on Bandcamp.

EP out now: ‘I Can Pay For It’, by E Mute

Taking a lyrical hatchet to the current political and economic climate, the new E Mute EP may prove divisive. As is the case with any political rhetoric, whether you take the points being made will often boil down to your own beliefs, and that’s no different with the new EP ‘I Can Pay For It’.

However, there are two aspects of this EP you can’t argue with.

You can’t argue with the passion and thought that’s gone into the point of view. And you can’t deny the musical talent that serves as the pulpit.

If you’re a lover of organic, British indie, E Mute might just be your next independent discovery. And if you happen to share the views therein too, all the better.

Find out for yourself:

Hear ‘I Can Pay For It’ on Spotify