London rapper Stash Peso, new single ‘Glow’ out now

One of the hottest names on the London rap scene right now, Stash Peso is a talented writer getting all the attention he deserves. It’s a crowded genre on the independent market, particularly in London, but when GRM Daily, SBTV, Link Up TV and Clash are among those pointing people in your direction you must be doing something right.

The latest single, ‘Glow’, gives a good indication as to what all the fuss is about. Understated but effective, it’s a track that doesn’t need pace or trickery to hit the spot. There are no bells or whistles here, just a swaggering stream of lyrics that has the guts to take its time.

The single is taken from the ‘Shine’ EP, which is also out now.

New UK indie-pop: Colour Colour EP ‘Do Something Beautiful’ out April 10th, single out now

‘Do Something Beautiful’ is one of those unmistakeable British rock tracks. Complete with anthemic, singalong chorus, flowing guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section to back it up, it has elements of rock back as far as the 70s right the way up to the present day. Whether it’s the classic chord progression, or the jangling guitars, or the excellent vocal, it all ties together lovely.

The track comes from a trio of musicians who have come together from separate bands to form a new group called Colour Colour. It’s clear from this song that something is working, and more proof may come this week in the shape of their new EP – also called ‘Do Something Beautiful’.

colourcolour.co.uk is the place to be for all things Colour Colour.

Magazine Gap release new single and EP – ‘Calling Card’, Nov 25th

Freshly uploaded, ‘Calling Card’ is the latest single from the brilliantly consistent London trio Magazine Gap. The track is also the title song from their new EP, coming on the 25th November. If you like what you’re hearing, you should bookmark their website in preparation for the big release.

‘Clocks’ EP out now – Ellie Jane

A very welcome addition to the UK independent music scene, Ellie Jane is a female singer-songwriter who writes excellent pop music with a twist. Heavily influenced by hip-hop and rap, her new EP ‘Clocks’ is out now (here) and does an excellent job of demonstrating just why her sound is so fresh.

The lead single might be a bit more straightforward in terms of pop, but rest assured there’s plenty more on the EP. There’s a reason why she made it to the 2015 final of the national UK Open Mic competition, and before long Ellie Jane could become a name on mainstream lips.

‘Make You Happy’ track online now from Dale McKay – EP coming soon

For fans of well written pop music these days, there are a host of options out there to sate their hunger. However, true music fans will always have room on their list for something new, which is why we’re suggesting/recommending the excellent Dale McKay.

A singer-songwriter who specialises in a soulful, funk infused pop sound, the Sheffield based artist is already on the radar of both local and national BBC Introducing teams. The track above is taken from an exciting new 4 track EP, out this week, which will hopefully bring him further success.

Cleanly produced and superbly catchy (in the least annoying way), ‘Make You Happy’ is a bit of an earworm – you have been warned – which promises great things from the EP in full. Search iTunes for Dale McKay from September 16th, and you won’t be disappointed.

Blues-rock given new sheen by songwriter Joe Rhinewine – new track and EP out now

An eclectic singer-songwriter who is inspired by everything from blues to post-rock, Joe Rhinewine is currently celebrating the release of his debut EP ‘Songs from NowHere’. Heavily influenced by the unspooling creative styles of Pink Floyd, Brian Eno, Frank Zappa, Velvet Underground and more, Rhinewine delights in placing this approach into his own blues-rock sphere.

The results are compelling, with improvised lead track ‘In the Box (Put It)’ making a good example. This isn’t music from the middle of the road. This music has never seen the road. Instead it’s rambling, off course, and all the more fun for it. The EP is out now on Amazon.

Free download for folk fans: Philip Murray Warson – ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’

One of folk’s unsung treasures, ‘Wild Mountain Thyme’ is a track which has been played down the years by many a folkie. This latest iteration, brought to us by singer-songwriter Philip Murray Warson, is a mighty fie version of the track focusing on the raw foundations and presented in stripped back fashion.

Even better, the track is available now as a free download (above), as well as forming part of Warson’s three track EP, available from Bandcamp for just two of your English pounds. Well worth the cash for folk collectors – Philip Murray Warson, much like his chosen track, is one of UK music’s unsung treasures.

Naomi back again with new video – ‘Take Back the Power’ EP

Tipped for stardom by everyone from the Guardian to Music Week, Naomi has the power to become the next UK pop sensation. Suitably, her new EP is all about the power – ‘Take Back the Power’ is out April 22nd.

The video above shows why all those publications are so sure of her success. The EP’s title track would be at home on any radio playlist, and a catchy chorus is only one of its many weapons. For more on the EP release, head over to Naomi’s website.

Music industry listening to 19 year old song writer Naomi

A beautiful young lady who makes a beautiful pop sound, the video above is a fine example of why it seems the whole music industry is currently talking about Naomi. At just 19 years old, this upstart is already getting national exposure in abundance, all thanks to a mature brand of pop that is very difficult to ignore.

Staying largely away from the interminable dance-pop that fills the charts these days, Naomi, relies instead on a more soulful approach. This is one of many things that allows her to stand apart from the crowd, and is doubtless the reason why so many top producers are currently helping to craft her new release.

That release is now fully in the can, and comes out in the form of EP ‘Take Back the Power’ on April 22nd. Keep an eye on Naomi – this is a rare chance to be the very first to get on board with a future star.

The Late Yetis single ‘Blood Driven’ out now, EP coming soon

Blending the accessible alternative rock styles of Blink 182 and Incubus with the harder nosed sounds of Slipknot, The Late Yetis are something of a band out of time. Their sound would have been right at home in the rock boom of the early 2000s, but in this day and age sounds out of place amongst the packaged indie rock of today.


However, this throwback sound is exactly what sets them apart. There is a reason why musical styles tend to go in cycles, and the Late Yetis typify that in their own way. The reason why the bands above ell away from the mainstream again is that there were so many of them. But I think it’s fair to say that The Late Yetis are now one of very few bands on the scene attempting anything like this.