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London rapper Stash Peso, new single ‘Glow’ out now

One of the hottest names on the London rap scene right now, Stash Peso is a talented writer getting all the attention he deserves. It’s a crowded genre on the independent market, particularly in London, but when GRM Daily, SBTV, Link Up TV and Clash are among those pointing people in your direction you must be doing something right.

The latest single, ‘Glow’, gives a good indication as to what all the fuss is about. Understated but effective, it’s a track that doesn’t need pace or trickery to hit the spot. There are no bells or whistles here, just a swaggering stream of lyrics that has the guts to take its time.

The single is taken from the ‘Shine’ EP, which is also out now.

Souleye offers a new style of hip hop on new album

A hip hop artist who is not cut from the same cloth as many of his contemporaries, Souleye is a rapper with a different approach. In his own words he’s:

“always wanted to create a record that has an underground hip hop feel, but yet still has a little sparkle of electronic and mainstream. I feel that Shapeshifting has those elements… positive lyrics, conscious messages, and straight up hip hop beats with some surprise electronic style blends.”

With new album ‘Shapeshifting’ he does a great job of straddling genres and styles. It’s by turns grimy, dirty, dark, light, clean and electronic – each moment offering a different experience from the last as he cycles through the eleven tracks on offer.

By blending his ‘positive lyrics’ with the hip hop genre, he has created something of a subversion from the norm. This isn’t a rapper looking for glory or glamour. This is simply a writer who has found his voice in a certain genre.