Top class single ‘Coming Down Slow’ closes excellent year for Rachel Alice Johnson

Rachel Alice Johnson, a songwriter from north of the border in Scotland, has had quite the year. A strong of singles have got the attention of many people, and now she’s closing out 2017 with new single ‘Coming Down Slow’.

It’s a song that starts as one animal then transforms into another, as a deceptive opening grows slowly to a spectacular crescendo. Rarely is one chord used to such great effect, and the metamorphosis from one kind of song to another is something to behold. Take a listen to see what I mean.

‘Coming Down Slow’ is out now.

Ed Accura releases new rap single ‘New Age of Thingz’

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, gather round to the new sound of songwriter Ed Accura – he has a tale to tell. Doesn anyone remember when music and entertainment was something to be enjoyed live, and music was swapped on cassettes, CDs an other physical formats? Before the touch of a button or the swipe of a screen gave you access to everything, all at once?

Ed Accura certainly remembers, and takes a fond look back at those times with new single ‘New Age of Thingz’. It’s the latest in a string of pointed recent singles from the veteran musician, and you can find more at

Norfolk’s Organisms impress with ‘Games Non People Play’ single

Organisms are a group who are new to the wider world but already picking up a head of steam in their native Norfolk. Slots on BBC Introducing and at high profile venues in the area have come as a result of their reputation for classy and unusual indie style songs.

A prime example is single ‘Games Non-People Play’. Opening with a slick funk sound, the song spirals out into an expansive, hypnotic treat. Those who fall victim to nightmares may also want to limit how much they watch the creepy, intense video.

The single will also be found on an upcoming album, titled ‘Mollusk’. It will be released in July, and with tracks like this on the playlist it should be one to look forward to.

New UK indie-pop: Colour Colour EP ‘Do Something Beautiful’ out April 10th, single out now

‘Do Something Beautiful’ is one of those unmistakeable British rock tracks. Complete with anthemic, singalong chorus, flowing guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section to back it up, it has elements of rock back as far as the 70s right the way up to the present day. Whether it’s the classic chord progression, or the jangling guitars, or the excellent vocal, it all ties together lovely.

The track comes from a trio of musicians who have come together from separate bands to form a new group called Colour Colour. It’s clear from this song that something is working, and more proof may come this week in the shape of their new EP – also called ‘Do Something Beautiful’. is the place to be for all things Colour Colour.

Magazine Gap release new single and EP – ‘Calling Card’, Nov 25th

Freshly uploaded, ‘Calling Card’ is the latest single from the brilliantly consistent London trio Magazine Gap. The track is also the title song from their new EP, coming on the 25th November. If you like what you’re hearing, you should bookmark their website in preparation for the big release.

‘Something More’ pop single from Luke Potter

Fast becoming one of my favourite emerging artists of the year, Luke Potter is a UK singer songwriter whose lyrics seem to come from someone much older than his youthful looks would suggest. His latest single is ‘Something More’, a slow-build, fast-catch treat in the mould of contemporaries such as Ed Sheeran.

 Inspired by many groups, including the Goo Goo Dolls whose track ‘Iris’ first caused him to pick up a guitar at age 17, Potter is clearly a student of the game and a fast learner. His songs are structurally sound and well-produced. Meanwhile, the compelling video is as well thought out a promo clip as you’re likely to see from any independent song writer.


‘Something More’ is out now on iTunes.

‘No’ single out now from Max Restaino, LP ‘The Time It Takes’ also released

It’s not an easy task for any aspiring new artist to break through into the public consciousness these days, but Max Restaino has an excellent chance of doing just that. Not only is he gaining a reputation for excellent, original pop songs, but he’s also worked alongside many top names in the pop industry, including Gary Barlow and Olly Murs.

And now, alongside a massive UK tour with Rebecca Ferguson, he is ready to unveil his new album ‘The Time It Takes’. The album is available from here, and has also been teased by a number of singles – the latest of which is the excellent ‘No’ (above).

Free download: ‘Body Language’ from pop-funk specialists Magazine Gap

Every now and again a new song comes along that has you drawn in from the very first note, and in the case of ‘Body Language’ (above), funk-pop fans will no doubt have this experience. A new single and free download from the excellent Magazine Gap, the song opens strong into its mid-tempo pop groove and doesn’t fail to impress from there.

 Instantly toe-tapping and with solid production and layering, it’s a deceptively simple song in terms of structure and instrumentation, but adds up to more than the sum of its parts thanks to the cool feel. The languid pace works very well on the verses and chorus, but comes into its own during the half-tempo interludes towards the end. Lovely stuff, and an EP to look forward to soon as well. Find more on the website.

Free download from here:

Independent songwriter George Montague shines on new pop single and album

If you’re a follower of BBC introducing, or you keep a solid ear to the ground for genuinely talented up and coming live artists, then you may have already heard of George Montague. If not, then you’re about to hear about him in a big way.

With millions of YouTube views already under his belt, as well as a live reputation which is seeing more and more people pushing for gig tickets, his multi-instrumental shows are highlighted by a creative streak a mile wide, full of loops, electronic touches and excellent musicianship.

Fortunately, for those who haven’t had the pleasure of catching him live, he’s released new single ‘Lost’ (above) in the lead up to his highly anticipated new album ‘Curiouser and Curiouser George’. Coming this summer, the album offers even more fun than the single above, with some off-kilter ideas which even bring to mind the likes of Mika and Scissor Sisters. However, if those aren’t your cup of tea, don’t let that put you off – he’s just as adept with more straightforward fare.

You can pre-order the album now from iTunes and Amazon.

Edinburgh artist Rachel Johnson with new single ‘Safe Island’

Out now on iTunes, this stellar new track is the latest release from promising young artist Rachel Johnson. Based in the creative hotbed that is Edinburgh, Johnson is a young pretender but with a startlingly grown up sound. ‘Safe Island’ opens small, but builds into a swaying epic – a worth addition to Johnson’s canon.

If you happen to be in the Edinburgh area in the coming weeks, you could do worse than seek out one of Johnson’s live performances too. You can find out more at