Month: January 2016

Flaming June returns to full band sound for ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’ EP

For fans of independent folk music, an EP release like the new one from Cambridge based Flaming June is always something to celebrate. The EP is titled ‘In Pursuit of Happiness’, and while recent releases from this particular artist have been more acoustic based of late, this is a welcome return to a fuller band sound.

Song writer Louise Eatock clearly revels in the telling of stories – both her own (as in ‘Dopamine Oxytocin’, a track about new love) and in new takes on stories by others. The track above, ‘Freedom’s Fairytale for Girls’ uses the familiar imagery of children’s stories to really strong effect, layering in characters and ideas we already know to make an excellent point about unrealistic expectations given to little girls.

It’s clear that this theme of stories and story telling is important to Flaming June, and if you want to keep following her story through, you can find out more at

John Wheeler on UK tour, with new video and album out now

Great news for those in the know about the global cult folk scene – Hayseed Dixie frontman John Wheeler is back with a new solo album – ‘Difficult #2’ – and a new tour and video to back it up. Take a listen to ‘Too Much Poop to Flush’, and if you’re loving the whimsical delivery of what is a very important message then you can find his tour dates on his website.

Travelling folk artist Calming River releases ‘The Ones That We Left Behind’ EP

Still a man of relatively young age, roots song writer Calming River has seemingly already experienced enough in his life time to fuel new music for some time to come. He has travelled around the world writing songs, playing festivals and winning fans with his intimate live show, and based on the songs on new EP ‘The Ones that We Left Behind’, it’s easy to see why.

The new EP is out now, and finds the youngster on typical form. Finger picked acoustic guitar is overlaid with a vocal which is raw and imperfect but all the better for it. You get the feeling that this is an artist who writes and sings because he HAS to and not because he WANTS to. It makes for songs that immediately make it clear which emotional space they’re in, and draws the listener in.