Top class single ‘Coming Down Slow’ closes excellent year for Rachel Alice Johnson

Rachel Alice Johnson, a songwriter from north of the border in Scotland, has had quite the year. A strong of singles have got the attention of many people, and now she’s closing out 2017 with new single ‘Coming Down Slow’.

It’s a song that starts as one animal then transforms into another, as a deceptive opening grows slowly to a spectacular crescendo. Rarely is one chord used to such great effect, and the metamorphosis from one kind of song to another is something to behold. Take a listen to see what I mean.

‘Coming Down Slow’ is out now.

Norfolk’s Organisms impress with ‘Games Non People Play’ single

Organisms are a group who are new to the wider world but already picking up a head of steam in their native Norfolk. Slots on BBC Introducing and at high profile venues in the area have come as a result of their reputation for classy and unusual indie style songs.

A prime example is single ‘Games Non-People Play’. Opening with a slick funk sound, the song spirals out into an expansive, hypnotic treat. Those who fall victim to nightmares may also want to limit how much they watch the creepy, intense video.

The single will also be found on an upcoming album, titled ‘Mollusk’. It will be released in July, and with tracks like this on the playlist it should be one to look forward to.

New UK indie-pop: Colour Colour EP ‘Do Something Beautiful’ out April 10th, single out now

‘Do Something Beautiful’ is one of those unmistakeable British rock tracks. Complete with anthemic, singalong chorus, flowing guitar riffs and a solid rhythm section to back it up, it has elements of rock back as far as the 70s right the way up to the present day. Whether it’s the classic chord progression, or the jangling guitars, or the excellent vocal, it all ties together lovely.

The track comes from a trio of musicians who have come together from separate bands to form a new group called Colour Colour. It’s clear from this song that something is working, and more proof may come this week in the shape of their new EP – also called ‘Do Something Beautiful’. is the place to be for all things Colour Colour.

Kite Collectors rekindle the concept album

In this age of digital singles and independent downloads, the age of the concept album seems to have been relegated to the past alongside Betamax and HD DVD. However, in their new LP ‘Clockface’, Wiltshire three piece The Kite Collectors are trying gamely to bring it back with style.

The album is about the titular character ‘Clockface’, with each of the 14 songs detailing an interaction with another character over the course of one day. It makes for a wide and varied set of styles, all based on a rock foundation but given freedom to explore other avenues based on the album’s premise.

‘Wonder’ is the eleventh track on the album, made available for streaming in an attempt to draw attention to the full album. If it’s got your vote, you can get the album now from Paisley Records.

Edinburgh artist Rachel Johnson with new single ‘Safe Island’

Out now on iTunes, this stellar new track is the latest release from promising young artist Rachel Johnson. Based in the creative hotbed that is Edinburgh, Johnson is a young pretender but with a startlingly grown up sound. ‘Safe Island’ opens small, but builds into a swaying epic – a worth addition to Johnson’s canon.

If you happen to be in the Edinburgh area in the coming weeks, you could do worse than seek out one of Johnson’s live performances too. You can find out more at

New single from Jeremy out now – ‘Two Weeks to the Great Escape’

In recent times, there seems to have been a real shortage of strong rock bands coming out of Europe. Jeremy? are a Bulgarian four piece looking to change that. Although their country isn’t high on the list of places you might expect to hear great rock, Jeremy? have defied expectation with new single ‘Two Weeks to the Great Escape’.

Darkly entertaining and sweepingly epic at the same time, the track thrives on strong rhythms and a kind of smooth energy. Although it is on the surface a rock track, it’s not spiky and loud but instead thoughtful and sleek. Time will tell whether this thoughtful rock sound is the chosen target of Jeremy? in the long term, but in the meantime, ‘Two Weeks To The Great Escape’ is out now and is a very nice introduction indeed.

New single out Feb 26th, ‘Voices’ by Patrick McCallion and the Small Words

If you’re a new music fan on the lookout for a new independent pop singer-songwriter to follow, then let us recommend Patrick McCallion. With a couple of top quality singles already out in the world, new track ‘Voices’ looks set to continue that run of high quality indie pop.

Out on Feb 26th, the single can be heard above. Also, if live music is more your scene, you can soon catch Patrick McCallion and the Small Words on tour. All details can be found here.

The Rebel Scientist releases impressive debut EP

If you’re looking for a new songwriter with a solid, debut, pop styled EP then The Rebel Scientist might just be what you’re looking for. A well established session guitarist by trade, his new release ‘Never Stop Waiting for You’ is out now via all the usual digital outlets.

It’s been said many times that to become an expert in something, you have to put over 10,000 hours into it. If that’s the case, then the Rebel Scientist can certainly claim to have a mastery of music. Playing from 200-250 gigs per year, he has also written guitar tuition books and performed on national TV, radio and in some of the top global venues.

All that experience is put into this short, sharp explosion of colourful pop songwriting. Leaving the vocal duties to four top class singers, The Rebel Scientist is left free simply to write the songs. And with such a depth of experience and incredible work ethic it’s no surprise that this EP is as strong as it is.

You can hear for yourself now, just visit iTunes or Spotify. We predict that many of those will do will find a new artist to follow.

New single from Jess Thristan – Beatles cover ‘From Me To You’

Following on her upbeat, folky ‘Live on Love’ EP, Jess Thristan returns with a more introspective turn with her new single. The track, which is a simplified piano version of The Beatles classic ‘From Me To You’ is released on November 27th and is designed to lay the table for an album release early in 2016.

Fans of good, pop vocalists, and well as those who enjoy a touch of acoustic folk, should keep Thristan on their radar. With two previous EP’s already out there, there’s still time to get on board before the album hits.

Check out Thristan’s website for all the news.

Souleye offers a new style of hip hop on new album

A hip hop artist who is not cut from the same cloth as many of his contemporaries, Souleye is a rapper with a different approach. In his own words he’s:

“always wanted to create a record that has an underground hip hop feel, but yet still has a little sparkle of electronic and mainstream. I feel that Shapeshifting has those elements… positive lyrics, conscious messages, and straight up hip hop beats with some surprise electronic style blends.”

With new album ‘Shapeshifting’ he does a great job of straddling genres and styles. It’s by turns grimy, dirty, dark, light, clean and electronic – each moment offering a different experience from the last as he cycles through the eleven tracks on offer.

By blending his ‘positive lyrics’ with the hip hop genre, he has created something of a subversion from the norm. This isn’t a rapper looking for glory or glamour. This is simply a writer who has found his voice in a certain genre.