Month: October 2015

Barcelona songwriter Weinf bares soul for new album

When Spanish songwriter Weinf was diagnosed with cancer not too long ago, the news naturally hit him hard. Having only recently released his first EP ‘Demo’, he was yet to make any concrete plans for a follow up and it seemed that music would have to wait. However, two days after his diagnosis, he picked up a guitar and started to write.

Song after song flowed out, a string of introspective tunes dealing with his reaction to the life changing news. Those songs have now formed the basis for a new album – titled ‘Requiem for Myself’.

In the wrong hands, this could have led to a lot of self-indulgent wailing. However, Weinf’s raw, guitar based songwriting somehow demonstrates the seriousness of the situation without drowning in mawkishness.

The album is out now, and you’ll be pleased to know its release coincides with an ‘all clear’ from the doctors.

You can get ‘Requiem for Myself’ on Bandcamp.

Philip Murray Warson releases new two track EP

I’m not sure whether it counts as an EP or a double A side single, but the new release from Philip Murray Warson (labelled as an EP in his press release) contains two songs of great, whispering beauty.

The first is the haunting, echoey ‘Last of the Hunted’, which is oddly moving and really climbs under your skin on first listen. The second is ‘Following Time’, which can be found above. This is perhaps slightly less immediate than its predecessor, but has no less impact.

Summed up, both songs contain lovely vocal harmonies over minimal, acoustic musical arrangements – really beautiful work. You can hear both tracks (and buy them) on Bandcamp.

Carmel – double A side single out now – hazy pop and blues combo

Perhaps not as much of a ‘Golden Newbie’ as most of the artists we feature here, Carmel is an artist whose career in pop stretches all the way back to the 80s. With several hits to her credit, she was a household name at the time and is still well known enough to be garnering national notices for her new double A side single.

Her first release since the 90s, the combination of ‘Sad Situation’ and ‘Second Wife Blues’ represent something different from Carmel from the pure pop she made her name with. Whether you would term it a departure, or even a reinvention given her time away from the industry, the bottom line is this is a different animal.

Thoughtful and decidedly retro in places, the production seems a deliberate throwback to the days before the stale, sterilised production practices of contemporary pop. These tracks have real verve and edge to them, in spite of a lack of pace.

The single is available now:




EP out now: ‘I Can Pay For It’, by E Mute

Taking a lyrical hatchet to the current political and economic climate, the new E Mute EP may prove divisive. As is the case with any political rhetoric, whether you take the points being made will often boil down to your own beliefs, and that’s no different with the new EP ‘I Can Pay For It’.

However, there are two aspects of this EP you can’t argue with.

You can’t argue with the passion and thought that’s gone into the point of view. And you can’t deny the musical talent that serves as the pulpit.

If you’re a lover of organic, British indie, E Mute might just be your next independent discovery. And if you happen to share the views therein too, all the better.

Find out for yourself:

Hear ‘I Can Pay For It’ on Spotify